New Meena Bazar International Pvt. Ltd.-Identity & EG

NMB is a very well Known Retail Brand in Hyderabad, established in 1972.NMB is the pioneer retail store in Men’s Fashion.They never tried to change their brand logo as a retail,but when they are growing and when they stared other high-end retail format stores like “Mebaz & Mebaz Corporate ” they had to create a Brand Structure & different Corporate Identity for their mother brand.


Design Objective

“To create the brand identity for a corporate brand which is also working as the retail brand & differentiate within the group.

Our Involvement:Brand Identity,Brand Structure,Environment Graphics

Design Approach:

“Problem: The corporate identity has to differentiate the retail brand & also differentiate within the Meena Bazar Group which has the similarities. The target group was aware only rerail brand.
Solution: We have used the meaning, heritage of the group and business model to create a distinct yet familiar identity.

Target Audience

The Vendors,Shareholders and Internal Customers.


Initial Concepts











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