Kalamandir is a very well known Textile Retail Brand in Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. We had an opportunity to work with them to create their few advertising campaigns as well as their Corporate Identity. They already had a “Logo” which was very popular & they wanted mainly the stationary.

Our Involvement : Brand Story, Direction & Approach, Stationary design.


The Design Objective: To create an identity design to improve their brand feel & emotion.

Target Audience:         Mainly the vendors of the company and Internal customers.

The Design Approach: The client brief was very simple, wanted stationary design. After a brief research we understood that the brand doesn’t have any direction or approach. First we have to create a direction and then create the stationary. The design idea came from the brand name “Temple of arts” ( Kalamandir). We have created a social service campaign called “ Kalamandir – Save art Initiative” by using the stationary as a medium. The campaign basically explains the people about value of our indigenous arts & why we should support it


















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